Bags of Love

Through our BAGS OF LOVE program, we are currently serving over 250 families each week in Jackson and Madison Counties, Georgia.  Jesus commands His followers to feed the hungry, and we have found you don't have to go far to find people in need!  Our goal is to help students and families who are struggling financially to have enough food to eat.  Through school programs, many students in need receive free or reduced-cost lunch and breakfast while at school; this is a great help to those families, but some families still struggle to provide food throughout the weekend, when kids are not in school.  At iServe, we hope to make a difference by providing meals to these families.  Every weekend, we send home backpacks filled with enough food to feed the students and their families for those two days.

In Jackson County, 8,900 people live under the food insecurity rate, and approximately 4,400 of those are children.  In Madison County, there are 4,130 people living under the food insecurity rate; 1,890 of those are children. 

Through our Bags of Love program, we feed over 250 families every week through 12 schools located in Jackson and Madison Counties during the school year.  When a child takes home a backpack for the weekend, he/she is bringing home enough food for 24 meals and snacks.  If we keep our cost down to $6 per backpack, the total cost per year to feed 250 families for the school year is $51,000. 

Step 1: The school social worker identifies students in need and lets us know how many families will need meals for the weekend.

Step 2: We pack backpacks with pantry-stable foods such as spaghetti and pasta sauce, cereal, and soups.  We provide enough food in each backpack to feed the student's family for the weekend (24 meals total). 

Step 3: We deliver backpacks to the schools on Thursdays and Fridays.  The students pick up the backpacks at their school and take them home for the weekend. 

Step 4: On Monday the students bring the backpacks back to school; we refill them and send them home again for the next weekend.

A thank you note from a family we serve.

Food Items

This is a list of food items we send home in the backpacks, making sure that each family receives a variety of breakfast, lunch/dinner, and snack foods.  If you would like to help feed the hungry, please consider donating any of the following items. 

         Help fill the iServe food pantry!


Cereal bars                                                             

Nutrigrain bars                                                    

Small cereal boxes                                               

Instant Oatmeal                                                   

Pancake mix
Boxes of grits       
Lunch and Dinner

Bag of rice

Bag or can of beans

Macaroni and Cheese

Peanut butter (no glass)

Jelly (no glass)

Boxes of Pasta

Marinara Sauce (no glass)


Ramen Noodles

Canned Vegetables

Canned Ravioli/Stew etc.


Fruit cups



Fruit snack gummies

Cheese and PNB Crackers